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‚ÄčJust for Fun - From time to time, I will share things here that I hope people will find entertaining and educational.

Yes, we do camp. I've been involved with camping and RVing all my life.  Here is our beachside camp site west of Lewiston, NS shortly after the inaugural "Eastebello" Challenger fly-in in 2010.  We had chosen to ride rather than fly due to the immenent arrival of hurricane "Earl".  An example of Canadian Innovation, the Lees-ure Lite trailer is made in Osoyoos, BC ( and deploys in very quickly when we need a place out of the rain in a hurry.  Weighing only about 250 pounds, it's an ideal lightweight RV for a smart car or a bike.  By the time this trip was over, Tracy and I had logged about 15,000km.

The HD Ultra Classic is a frequent participant in the Cystic Fibrosis Ride for the Breath of Life hauling the CF mascot, Skelly. 

Help Cure CF


Have I mentioned that I like to fly?  Another mode of backcountry access and camping is this little gem that I flew to Illinois and back in September, 2013 for the 30th Anniversary of the Challenger, claiming the furthest flown award by a pretty large margin.  Tracy and I are both pilots and we have a lot of fun in the aviation community with these Ultralights and our ChallengerWest business. 

Here, I am lifting off in IROC on the beginning of the journey home from Erie Park, IL.  These little girls climb, and climb fast.  With an empty weight of about 500 lbs, a huge wing, an incredibly tight turning radius, and a low stall speed (28 mph), they'll soar for hours engine off as well if the thermals are right. 

DSCN2281.JPG And here, just north of Moose Jaw, SK taxiing to take off from an overnight stop at Last Mountain Lake.


Known as the "Fast Enabling Consulting Unit", here landing at a small airport, our 182 allows me to get to out of the way places where clients have problems to solve.  A fast and affordable means of conveyance to places that drive our economy just as much as the big cities.  You know the place, somewhere in "the Rest of Canada" not served well by the airlines.


Looping back to the CF Ride, I often provide a sight seeing rides in one of the birds to one contributor to the campaign each year.  Help Cure CF.